A bot studio for smarter conversations

Smart chat bots customized to your corporation


White Label Bots

We use our own bot builder to provide affordable and customized chatbot solutions to corporations. We ideate, script, built and deploy bot solution that are right to your business;

Marketing Campaigns

Engage your audience in a total new way. Directly talk with customers to present, promote or explain your products and services. Enjoy of superior analytics to understand your customers.

The Lab

As enthusiasts of conversational commerce, we commit part of our resources to develop new and innovative solutions that can bring a positive impact into users lives.


Platform Agnostic

We build bots to operate in any existing platform.

Customized to you

Intregated to your systems and platforms.

Specialized by vertical

We specialized by vertical so we help companies built the right and best solution for them.

Business Tools

Real time access and tracking to your Bot metrics. Improve your business with access to a new set of real time data and information that can be provided to you by our analytics!

Bot Analytics

Real time tracking, evaluation and execution over analytics. Know all going on and take actions on it.

Personalized Scripting

We adapt the scripts to your business and customers.

Push Messaging

Send promotions, alerts, offers and updates directly to users. Target by profile with diferents offers.

Bot Hosting

We keep your bots up and running 24/7 with tiered hosting and storage plans.

CRM Integration

We integrate with your CRM platform to take advantage of analytics.


Competitions, viral marketing, events, coupons and product launches.


Bot Builder

A proprietary Bot Builder to improve time to market, reduce costs and keep all the room needed for customization.

Profile & Recommendation Tool

Our research team used Artificial Inteligence and Machine learning techniques to develop a proprietary recommendation tool to understand the user profile and needs and accurately recommend the services and products they look for.


Banking, Insurance, Retail, Hospitality, E-commerce, Pharma.

How It Works


Using natural language processors our virtual assistants understand the user request and provide an exact answer.


The virtual assistant interacts with the user in multiple ways, from simple chat, to images and videos. It can direct the user to multiple channels and push messages and promotions when the time is right.


Use of artificial intelligence and CRM integrations to know your customer, habits, desires and behaviors. Create your own avatar and personality to provide a unique and branded experience and make use of our recommendation tool to provide the right advice to your. customers


Get access to a whole new world of statistics and metrics in real time. Define actions and campaigns targeting different segments and act in real time to improve your metrics.

About Us

Botly is a Bot Studio building smart chatbots and helping companies to provide a superior user experience through smart conversations, superior customer service and the power of artificial intelligence to foster a truly conversational commerce service.

We operate though our proprietary bot builder and a recommendations tool based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop and provide solutions specialized by sector that merges conversation and intelligence in new experiences capable of new standards of service and advice for customers.

Botly sees a bright future for the conversational commerce, where more personalized, personal and intuitive interactions will allow users to search, interact and shop easier.